Where to Find Them

To get started, you will want to add a new page or project and enable the builder. From the builder’s layout options, you are going to want to click the ‘Load Layout’ option. Divi ships with a variety of premade layouts. Because these come with pre-placed modules with dummy content already loaded, these are a great way to get started. The primary workflow for using Divi’s premade layouts is to replace the existing elements, like images and text, with your own content.


Premade Layouts List

This will bring up a full list of Divi’s premade layouts. You can either load a premade layout into a blank page, an existing layout, or replace existing content. See More about Loading Layouts.


Loading A Premade Layout

By clicking ‘Load’ on any of the predefined layouts, you will load that content into your page. Below is an example of a premade layout in the Builder (left), and what it looks like if you were to publish this page (right).

By replacing each element on the page with your own content, you can have a beautiful custom site in just minutes. In this example, we will replace the slider title, image, and button, the banner text, the blurbs, and the promo title to create a travel site. By clicking the menu icon on each building block in the builder, you can access the module settings to fully customise each element. To see more details on how to edit elements inside of the builder, see our Builder Overview. Below is a possible result you can get from using this particular layout.



The beauty of these layouts is that you can edit them however you would like. For example, if you like this particular layout, but would rather not have a Call to Action at the bottom, simply delete it in the builder and its gone! Below is how doing that would affect the appearance of your layout in both the builder and on the front end of your site.