Boat Studios FILMS

Boat Studios FILMS


Acast commissioned us to create an animated explainer video. We recorded a voiceover, made some fun motion-graphics and added in some cute sound effects.


Ed Sheeran was awarded with Spotify’s Most Streamed Artist Award. We filmed him receiving it. 


Benedict Cumberbatch was filmed by us talking about the new Mercedes S Class for London Fashion Week.


We created a film in time for Asda’s fathers day promotion for Talisker Whisky showcasing the innovation team at Diageo’s work on an amazon Alexa whisky tasting experience.

BeefEater Gin

A Christmas content tool kit for the iconic gin brand with some fun little motion graphic recipe animations for sponsored posts on social media platforms. 


A series of videos created by Boat Studios for Popsa’s website and youtube channel. We introduced children to printed photo books about themselves and filmed their reactions.

Jus Roll

A series of short videos we filmed and edited showing just how easy it is to roll pastry


We filmed the recording of the new sonic branding soundtrack for BT at Abbey Road Studios in London.

American express

Michael Zee talks about his experience running the Instagram account Symmetry Breakfast in partnership with American Express.


We created a corporate film for the new Shields website showcasing their 3 key areas of business.

We flew out to Colorado Frisco to film Amy Purdy and Dan Gale to create a story about how adaptive action sports are possible for people with disabilities thanks to Stanley’s fantastic tools.

Awaken love for africa

We were tasked with creating a donation charity film and travelled to Ramba in Kenya. Over 3 days we shot a true story about a young girl called Elizabeth.  The team even created a text-to-donate-link and edited it all together back at our studios in London.